David Norczyk, Spokane Valley, WA

“My family and I have been attending Chester Community church for 2 years. We were moving to Spokane, and were seeking a new church home. The Holy Spirit directed us to Chester Community Church. The preaching is expositional and in the reformed tradition. It is God-honoring, Christ-exalting and it is done with power and a demonstration of the Holy Spirit. The Christian fellowship we experience at Chester reminds me of the description of the early church in Act 2 and 4.”

Bill and Corrie, Spokane, WA

“My wife and I were looking for a church with soundly Reformed preaching, yet without the legalism that is so prevalent in many Reformed churches. Through grace, Pastor Bob has exceeded our original hopes; his preaching glorifies the Sovereign God and expounds the freedoms we have in Christ, as well as providing applications for everyday living.

We are both continually amazed by the love and unity displayed by the members of this church and consider ourselves blessed to be a part of it. I would highly recommend Chester Community Church to anyone searching for a place to call home.”

L. Marcolin, Grand Coulee, WA

“For well over a dozen years my husband and I have made the 186-mile round trip on Sundays to be a part of Chester Community Church. We had experienced the strong Biblical preaching and teaching of Pastor Hargrove previously, and when we learned of his becoming pastor at Chester, we committed ourselves to the weekly drive. It is worth every minute and every mile to sit under his in-depth instruction in the Word. We have witnessed much growth over the years in families added to our number, and never have we seen a more loving congregation. What joy it is to come together weekly to hear the Word taught through the man the Lord has placed in our pulpit. We recommend Chester as a church home where sweet fellowship is found, and where you hear Truth taught at each and every service.”